Sobre Nosotros

Somos un equipo dinámico, fresco y activo con un método de enseñanza particular: ¡Disfrutar de los idiomas! Si vives la cultura en una lengua y haces amigos, adquieres el lenguaje de forma natural, fácil y además vives una gran experiencia… ¡Te ayudamos a conseguirlo! 


Nuestros Profesores

Profesora de Español & Coordinadora

Noemí Reina

My trips and 8 years of experience as a Spanish Teacher have taught me that the best way of learning a language is basically by living the culture, and that’s why I try to teach by speaking and playing with my students as if they were my friends: having interesting conversations about different topics and a lot of fun! And you know what? Most of them end up becoming good friends of mine.



Mirjam Houchuli

“Yoga as well as travelling and learning about new languages and cultures are passions that have been accompanying me for many years now: yoga practice for more than 12, teaching for 2 and traveling and learning new languages for more than 20 years. I would be really thrilled to awaken either your interest in Yoga, English or Spanish, or all of them!”



Qué Dicen Sobre Ellos

Can’t recommend Packin’ Time enough! Noemí is an amazing teacher, and I loved her unique approach to teaching a language which incorporated cultural activities alongside traditional methods! I have improved my Spanish greatly all thanks to Noemí. All I wish is that I had been in Almería longer to book another course! Gracias!!!


Rosa Criminisi

Spanish Student

Thanks to Mirjam I love yoga. She is a very patient yoga teacher who helps you with every single posture to get it step by step, with so clear explanations that you don’t need to look at her to see what you have to do. And the location in Almería’s beach is ideal. I recommend the experience.


Rachel Sherwin

Full-time Worker Abroad

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